As well as the cameras located on all of GMA pipeline robot systems GMA has invested in the world’s most sophisticated CCTV survey equipment, we have the camera technology that is versatile, portable for those hard to reach assets and allows us to get the best high-quality footage from drain and sewer pipes.

GMA has ten dedicated CCTV Units that house IBAK camera units that inspect and provide structural and condition reports on pipelines from 100mm – 2400mm in diameter. IBAK equipment have the capability of inclination measurement, laser profiling and sonde use. Recording of the pipe surveys can be provided on DVD, or USB stick. All CCTV staff are trained to the (WSA05) Coding Standards.

All of GMA’s cameras use WinCan V8 and VX reporting software which offers the core functionality to collect pipe inspection data, organize it into a database, and generate inspection reports that graphically display the pipe and its defects.

The current reporting standard that GMA utilises is WSA 05-2013 Conduit Inspection Reporting Code of Australia Version 3.1

Both hard and soft copies are provided to clients to assist with their decision making.